Dhoom 2

Title:Dhoom 2
Type:Bollywood Movie
Caste:Abhishek,Hrithik,Bipasa and Aishwarya

I don’t know why I am reviewing this movie , anyway here it goes

Dhoom 2 is the sequel to Dhoom(Obvious :)). Having a star cast and huge Expectations. That does’t mean a movie is good. I went to see the movie with a clear mind hoping for a positive experience. Well…I was wrong.

The opening for Hrithik was the most weird… Jumping on a moving train, Dress like Queen of England (wacko) and a lot of jumping on and off the train…The opening for Abhishek was also weird…

The plot is really twisted and incoherent. They should have kept it simple.Most of the action scenes are well done.Some scenes reminded greatly of Mi3.The effects are pretty good for a Bollywood flick.The execution of the robberies is also done well…

What ash finds funny with every guy in the movie I don’t know..There are no Jokes at all in the movie but she keeps on saying funny guy…it’s kinda annoying. As always Bipasha is there just to show skin as she is not all in the story.To top it off ,they even gave her a double roll.I have no idea why…

The Music was not at all good.For a Hindi movie music is everything,One song can make the difference between a Normal and MeagBlockbuster movie…

In conclusion though, I have to say the movie is Commendable. It could have been a LOT LOT worse.


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